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Exhibited in Time is now measured in damage, Window, pae ipurangi online site

Time is now measured in damage is an online work that takes the marakihau as a starting point for talking about personal and wider shared histories.

This scroll-based work is located in the web browser, where graphics of knives handmade by my brother Jesse are paired with sections of text. As the viewer tracks down the page, a line of text scrolls up arriving from the bottom of the window. The knife floats above masking the words as they pass underneath.  

The writing draws together seven pieces of prose, they read across themes of gift giving, the sea, family stories, and manifestations of the marakihau, including a taonga worn by my father and brother. Sewn together from things I have been told or heard, it includes a selection of titles lifted from YouTube videos, a retelling of a flood in my apartment, and the provenance story of the sand at the artificial beach Oriental Bay in Te Whanganui-a-Tara.  

By drawing these texts together in relation to the graphic elements, I wanted to explore a series of questions I had been contemplating: what is a family story? What are the things we pass to each other?
Time is now measured in damage, interactive text, digital image, 2018.